Airedale Chemical

Textile Chemicals & Dyes

Since our inception over 45 years ago Airedale Chemical has held core expertise in Dyestuffs, Textile Auxiliary chemicals and performance chemicals for the Textile Market.

available products in this sector

Acid Black 1
Acid Black 107
Acid Black 187
Acid Black 194
Acid Black 207
Acid Black 210
Acid Black 60
Acid Blue 113
Acid Blue 129
Acid Blue 171
Acid Blue 182
Acid Blue 185
Acid Blue 193
Acid Blue 225
Acid Blue 25
Acid Blue 260
Acid Blue 277
Acid Blue 281
Acid Blue 284
Acid Blue 317
Acid Blue 324
Acid Blue 40
Acid Blue 41
Acid Blue 45
Acid Blue 56
Acid Blue 62
Acid Blue 72
Acid Blue 80
Acid Blue 83
Acid Blue 9
Acid Blue 90
Acid Brown 282
Acid Brown 299
Acid Green 16
Acid Green 25
Acid Green 27
Acid Green 28
Acid Green 43
Acid Green 9
Acid Orange 10
Acid Orange 144
Acid Orange 156
Acid Orange 3
Acid Orange 67
Acid Orange 7
Acid Orange 74
Acid Red 1
Acid Red 118
Acid Red 119
Acid Red 131
Acid Red 182
Acid Red 249
Acid Red 260
Acid Red 315
Acid Red 336
Acid Red 357
Acid Red 359
Acid Red 361
Acid Red 37
Acid Red 374
Acid Red 407
Acid Red 414
Acid Red 52
Acid Red 88
Acid Violet 1
Acid Violet 17
Acid Violet 47
Acid Violet 48
Acid Violet 54
Acid Violet 90
Acid Yellow 104
Acid Yellow 110
Acid Yellow 127
Acid Yellow 128
Acid Yellow 137
Acid Yellow 151
Acid Yellow 155
Acid Yellow 169
Acid Yellow 17
Acid Yellow 204
Acid Yellow 220
Acid Yellow 23
Acid Yellow 241
Acid Yellow 25
Acid Yellow 250
Acid Yellow 29
Acid Yellow 49
Acid Yellow 59
Acid Yellow 61
Acid Yellow 73
Acid Yellow 79
Acolan Blue 2GL 200%
Acolan Blue E-GRN
Acolan Blue EB
Acolan Blue FBLL
Acolan Blue GR
Acolan Blue GRR
Acolan Carmoisine 3B 112 – 5%
Acolan Floxine BGL W 2100%
Acolan Green B 300%
Acolan Lt Blue 2GL 200%
Acolan Lt Red 3GPC 100%
Acolan Lt Red 3GPC 200%
Acolan Orange 2G 110%
Acolan Orange E-GL 190%
Acolan Orange EGNS 50%
Acolan Red 3-GSL
Acolan Red 3-GSL 215%
Acolan Red CKL
Acolan Red CKL-W
Acolan Scarlet MOO
Acolan Violet E-2R 300%
Acolan Yellow 2GL
Acolan Yellow 2GL 90%
Acolan Yellow A-GB
Acolan Yellow GPC
Acolan Yellow WNC
Acolan Yellow-Brown E-GLN 150%
Acomet Orange S-R-PWD
Acomet Black S-R 50% LIQ
Acomet Bordeaux MBB
Acomet Bordeaux PH 135%
Acomet Bordeaux S-RL
Acomet Brown S-RL 150%
Acomet Dark Blue M-TR
Acomet Midnight 9587
Acomet Orange S-R
Acomet Red G
Acomet Yellow CSR 240%
Acoscour N
Acozine Black ACR
Acozine Blue AD-2RLA
Acozine Blue AD-GL
Acozine Blue SWN
Acozine Brill Red 3B 140%
Acozine Brill Red 3BW
Acozine Brill Red A-3G
Acozine Dark Red AD-3BT
Acozine Dark Red AD-BR 150%
Acozine Fast Yellow 3RLX
Acozine Fast Yellow 4G 160%
Acozine Fast Yellow A5RLN
Acozine G.Yellow AD-RLN
Acozine Green AD-BL
Acozine M Green G 120%
Acozine M Green G CONC
Acozine M Red B 100%
Acozine M Violet FBL 200%
Acozine Maroon V
Acozine Maroon V 150%
Acozine Maroon V 200%
Acozine Milling Black B 160%
Acozine Milling Blue AC
Acozine Milling Blue BL 100%
Acozine Milling Blue RAW 150%
Acozine Milling Green 5G 100%
Acozine Milling Green SGS 200%
Acozine Milling Navy 5R 180%
Acozine Milling Red 10B STD
Acozine Milling Red F-2B 200%
Acozine Milling Red FBL 150%
Acozine Milling Scarlet BR
Acozine Milling Scarlet NGWL 133%
Acozine Navy AD-RL 133%
Acozine Navy ADC
Acozine Navy M-AR
Acozine Red 2GWN
Acozine Red 2WN 200%
Acozine Red AC
Acozine Red AD-2BL
Acozine Red AD-GRL
Acozine Red ADC
Acozine Red WSG
Acozine Yellow AD RLN
Acozine Yellow AD-2GLN
Airfoam NSA Antifoam
Airobrite BE
Airobrite LF
Airoclear AC
Airoclear BLG
Airofresh LE40
Airogal DW
Aironol MFG
Aironol PB
Aironyl Blue 4R 200%
Aironyl Blue 6G 200%
Aironyl Red 2B 200%
Aironyl Yellow 2G 200%
Aironyl Yellow 4R 200%
Airophos BSB
Airophos K18
Airoplex P
Airoplot QT
Airoscour NS
Airoscour PSD
Airoset Black A-B
Airoset Blue A-2R
Airoset Blue A-5G
Airoset Brown A-B
Airoset Grey A-G
Airoset Navy A-R
Airoset Red A-2GA
Airoset Red MSGL
Airoset Yellow 4GN
Airoset Yellow C-2R
Airosol BC
Airosperse Blue BGE 200%
Airosperse Blue PBL 100%
Airosperse Blue PBL 150%
Airosperse DAL
Airosperse SNL
Airosperse Yellow 4G
Airquest ATMP
Airquest C (NTA Replacement)
Airquest HEDP 60
Airsurf 23/6
Airsurf APG 0810 60%
Airsurf APG 0810 62%
Airsurf APG 0810 70%
Airsurf APG 0814 64%
Basic Red 18.1 Liq
Basic Red 41 Liq
Basic Red 46 Liq
Basic Yellow 21 Liq
Diammonium Phosphate
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA)
Fluorosilicic Acid
Hydrogen Peroxide
Levogene AH
Levogene BN
Levogene SET
Levogene WPA
Reactosol Black ASN 250%
Reactosol Blue 3G
Reactosol Blue 3R
Reactosol Blue W-8G 150%
Reactosol Navy B
Reactosol Navy B RB
Reactosol Navy WB 120%
Reactosol Orange RG
Reactosol Red 5B
Reactosol Red 6G
Reactosol Red B
Reactosol Scarlet 3G
Reactosol Yellow 4G
Sodium Bisulphite
Sodium Chlorite
Sodium Gluconate
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES)
Sodium Nitrite
Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP)
Sulphuric Acid




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