Pulling together in waste recycling scheme

Airedale Chemical has honoured its entire team after its latest environmental scheme won ‘gold’ at a glittering London awards ceremony.

When Airedale Chemical implemented a scheme to reduce its landfill to zero and make constructive use of its recyclable waste, every single employee took the challenge to heart.

Team members from all departments bought into the project from salvaging bulk carriers to monitoring waste thrown into office bins and finding recyclable opportunities from everyday items.

Karen Waddington, health and safety advisor for Airedale Chemical, explains: “We have already been awarded for reducing our waste destined for landfill to zero, but with the whole team on board we have now gone a step further and found other, more creative ways for our waste products to be used.

“As part of our partnership with social enterprise SCRAP which helps the environment by reusing waste materials for community educational art and play we are re-using every additional piece of waste we can – even reclaiming and cleaning out discarded yoghurt pots in preparation for the next chapter of their usable life!”

The Airedale Chemical team was represented at the prestigious award ceremony by cleaner Gillian McNulty who contributed to the success of the recycling scheme and joined Karen Waddington and group head of marketing Daniel Marr at the esteemed event at Glazier’s Hall, London.

Gillian added: “I felt so proud and excited representing the company in London, but even more delighted that our recycling efforts are making such a difference – and being recognised. Every yoghurt pot, every container and every empty bottle we collected was worth every bit effort. I’m proud of everyone for getting behind this fantastic initiative and making such a difference.”

Airedale Chemical received the highest-level five-star gold award in the Investors in Zero Waste awards organised by Environment Media to recognise innovation and commitment of businesses, public authorities and third sector organisations who are striving to eliminate waste.

In 2015, Airedale Chemical also won silver for Environmental Best Practice at the Green Apple Awards from The Green Organisation for efficient use of resources, sustainable development and making a positive impact on the environment.

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