Sulphuric Acid

Airedale Chemical Sulphuric Acid holds the formula H2SO4. It has a wide range of applications including domestic acidic drain cleaner, electrolyte in lead-acid batteries and various cleaning agents.

It is also a central substance in the chemical industry. Principal uses include mineral processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil refining, wastewater processing and chemical synthesis.

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Airedale Chemical Sulphuric Acid is a clear, colourless solution with no distinguishing odour. We are a leading Sulphuric Acid manufacturer and supplier and can facilitate orders including 25 litre, 200 litre, 1000 litre and bulk transfer. We are also a Sulphuric Acid distributor, covering the UK, Europe and Ireland with our dedicated distribution fleet of vehicles.

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Other Names: Oil of vitriol

Grade: TECH

This product is available in the following sizes

  • 25L Drum
  • 200L Drum
  • Bulk Transfer



Primary use in the “wet method” for the production of Phosphoric Acid (Also available at Airedale Chemical), used for manufacture of phosphate fertilizers – These are added to the soil to improve plant growth.

In agriculture farmers employ specialist contractors to spray their fields of potatoes with a solution of Sulphuric Acid before harvesting so that the green tops die back and blacken. This helps to dry out the stem and prevents them from becoming tangled in harvesting equipment.


Usual acid catalyst for the conversion of cyclohexanone oxide to caprolactam,

Metal Processing

Used in large quantities by the iron and steel making industry to remove oxidation, rust and scaling from rolled sheet and billets prior to sale to the automobile and major appliances industry.

Oil & Gas

The process of refining crude oil requires the use of an acid as a catalyst and Sulphuric Acid is often used for this purpose.

Personal Care

Frequently the major ingredient in acidic drain cleaners used to remove grease, hair, tissue paper


Important in the manufacture of dyestuffs solutions.

Used for making nylon

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