Sodium Nitrate

Airedale Chemical Sodium Nitrate holds the formula NaNO3 and is useful across several reactions carried out on industrial scales for the production of fertilizers, pyrotechnics, glass and pottery enamels, food preservatives, and solid rocket propellant.

Available in a solid form of white powder with a sweet odour and a clear/colourless to yellow solution with a characteristic odour.

The sodium nitrate liquid solution is available from Airedale in 25L, 200L and 1000L IBC’s and the solid white powder is available in 25kg bags. For more product information download the Sodium Nitrate MSDS, alternatively get in touch to find out how Airedale can become your sodium nitrate supplier.

Other Names: Peru Saltpetre, Soda Niter, Cubic Niter

Grade: TECH

This product is available in the following sizes

  • 25L Drum
  • 200L Drum
  • Bulk Transfer
  • 25kg Bag Solid/Powder only chemicals



Used extensively as a fertilizer

Food & Beverage

Sodium nitrate is also a food additive used as a preservative and colourfixative in cured meats and poultry


Dental use – Mouthwash and gels containing Sodium Nitrate are used in treatment of dentine hypersensitivity.

Power & Energy

Sodium Nitrate is used together with Potassium Nitrate and calcium nitrate (both available from Airedale Chemical) for heat storage and, more recently, for heat transfer in solar power plants

Water Treatment

It is also used in the wastewater industry for facultative microorganism respiration. Nitrosomonas, a genus of microorganisms, consumes nitrate in preference to oxygen, enabling it to grow more rapidly in the wastewater to be treated.

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