Sodium Metasilicate

Airedale Chemical Sodium Metasilicate also known as waterglass or liquid glass and holds the formula Na2(SiO2)nO. It is a highly efficient detergent and metal cleaner. It can aid in the reduction of environmental pollution and raises cleaning efficiency.

Availabe in Solid, white powder that is readily soluble in water and Solution, Clear, colourless liquid

Grade: TECH

This product is available in the following sizes

  • 25L Drum
  • 200L Drum
  • Bulk Transfer
  • 25kg Bag Solid/Powder only chemicals


Building & Construction

Adhesive – cement for producing cardboard.

Concrete and general masonry treatment – Concrete treated with a sodium silicate solution helps to significantly reduce porosity in most masonry products such as concrete, stucco, plasters..

Detergent & Cleaning

Detergent auxiliaries – It is used in detergent auxiliaries like complex sodium disilicate and modified sodium disilicate.


Drilling fluids – used in drilling fluids to stabilize borehole wells and to avoid the collapse of bore walls.

Personal Care

Various uses in personal care including Therapeutic rinses, Mouthwashes, Toothpastes and gels, Mouth sprays and Preservative in eye drops


Dye auxiliary – used as a fixative for hand dyeing with reactive dyes that require a high pH in order to react with the textile fibre.

Water Treatment

Water treatment – Water glass is used as coagulant/flocculent agent in waste water treatment plants.

Refractory use – Water glass is a useful binder of solids, such as vermiculite and perlite.

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