A BPR Approved biocidal and industrial disinfectant under Article 95; used in circulation cleaning and industrial sanitisation across a diverse range of applications. Predominantly used within dairy, recycling & waste management, food & drink manufacture, slaughterhouses and the brewery trade.

Airedale Chemical Peracetic Acid (PAA) also known as Peroxyacetic Acid is a versatile, organic compound made-up by the formula CH3CO3H. Peracetic Acid (PAA) can be used across a wide spectrum of temperatures whilst being highly corrosive, It however carries no traces of chlorine.

Airedale Chemical Peracetic Acid has excellent and rapid antimicrobial effects due to its capability to penetrate through the cell membrane. Peracetic Acid irreversibly disrupts the enzyme system, which leads to the destruction of the microorganism.

Airedale Chemical Peracetic Acid is a colourless solution with an odour similar to that of its stronger cousin Acetic Acid (also available from Airedale Chemical) with a boiling point of 25°C. As a Peracetic Acid Supplier we can facilitate orders from 25 litres through to bulk transfer and as a peracetic acid distributor we can deliver your order with our own distribution network if you are based in the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe.

Please note Airedale Chemical Peracetic Acid material is for use with the following product types:

PT 2 (Disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals), PT 3 (Veterinary hygiene), PT 4 (Food and feed area)

Other names Peroxyacetic Acid, Acetic Peroxide, Acetyl Hydroperoxide and PAA

Strength: 2%, 2% Foamy, 5%,15%

This product is available in the following sizes

  • 25L Drum
  • 200L Drum
  • 1000L Container
  • Bulk Transfer


Dairy & Farming

Peracetic Acid is used within dairy & cheese processing plants (Including within Milk Manufacture)

Peracetic Acid is used in agricultural and poultry premises within the agrochemical industry as a sanitizer

Used as a disinfectant to treat fruits and vegetables to extend their shelf life.

Peracetic Acid has been proved to be a highly effective and environmentally friendly biocide in agriculture.

It is also used commonly as a disinfectant to treat animal diseases in agriculture by controlling pathogenic micro-organisms.

Detergent & Cleaning

Peracetic Acid It is fast becoming a viable alternative in sanitization to Sodium Hypochlorite as it does not react with proteins to produce toxic or carcinogenic compounds.

Used in cleaning disinfectants within Detergent market

Food & Beverage

Used as a cleanser & disinfectant within commercial food establishments

Holds various applications as a disinfectant around food & beverage processing equipment

Used in food and beverage packaging applications as many products require perfect hygienic conditions during the packaging process to guarantee a long shelf life.

Used in brewery manufacturing processes and beverage plants

Used in wineries as a biocidal disinfectant


Holds various applications in sterilisation and disinfection of medical equipment due to high potency at low concentrations and temperatures

Used to decontaminate liquid and solid medical wastes in hospitals

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