Hydrogen Peroxide

Airedale Chemical Hydrogen Peroxide holds the formula H2O2 and is often used as a bleach or cleaning agent. First discovered in 1818 by Louis Jacques Thénard it is also used as a propellant in rocketry amongst a large variety of other applications.

At Airedale Chemical, we are one of the leading Hydrogen Peroxide manufacturers and suppliers and ensure the highest quality standards throughout the production process. Our Hydrogen Peroxide is colourless and odourless with a boiling point of 150.2°C.

We can facilitate a variety of orders including 25 litre, 205 litre and 1000 litre containers up to bulk transfer and manufacture Hydrogen Peroxide in strengths ranging from 3% to 50% meaning we are able to cater for most enquiries. As a Hydrogen Peroxide distributor, at Airedale Chemical we can deliver orders throughout the UK, Ireland and European Union.

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Other names: H202

This product is available in the following sizes

  • 25L Drum
  • 200L Drum
  • 1000L Container
  • Bulk Transfer



Horticulture – use of weak hydrogen peroxide solution in watering solutions. Its spontaneous decomposition releases oxygen that enhances a plant’s root development and helps to treat root rot

Detergent & Cleaning

Mild bleaches in laundry detergents


Veterinary practice – used as an emetic in veterinary practice

Disinfecting wounds – Commonly used as treatment for disinfecting wounds

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas exploration fossil analysis – used in the oil and gas exploration industry to oxidize rock matrix in preparation for micro-fossil analysis.

Water Treatment

Drinking water treatment – used for cleaning well water or other drinking water sources, by removing odours, organic materials that change the water taste

Wastewater treatment – strong oxidizer effective in controlling sulfide and organic-related odours in wastewater collection and treatment systems.

BOD and COD removal from wastewater – Hydrogen Peroxide decomposes to oxygen and water, adding dissolved oxygen to the system

Pollutants removal – one of the most versatile, dependable and environmentally compatible oxidizing agents. The relative safety and simplicity of its use as an oxidizing agent has led to the development of a number of applications in refinery wastewater systems

Wood Treatment

Bleaching wood pulp

Personal Care

In the personal care industry, Hydrogen Peroxide has wide applications as an oxidizing and antimicrobial agent such as to increase brightness in teeth whitening processes. Other applications include the elimination of brown-black melanins to bleach hair during hair dyeing.

Recycling & Waste

In the recycling and waste industry hydrogen peroxide has a wide range of applications as an oxidant such as in recovering non-ferrous metals from electronic waste as well as de-inking in paper recycling processes.


Hydrogen Peroxide is used widely in the production of LCD displays and are used in the manufacturing of semi-conductors and an etchant for printed circuit boards.


Hydrogen Peroxide is used predominantly in the textiles industry as a bleaching agent on both synthetic and natural fibres being preferred to chlorine-based bleaches due to its greater preservation of fibres.

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