Ferric Chloride

Airedale Chemical Ferric Chloride holds the formula FeCl3 and is an industrial scale commodity chemical compound.

Generally Ferric Chloride is used as a flocculants in sewage treatment and drinking water production and as an etchant for copper-based metals in printed circuit boards.

Ferric Chloride Solution is a reddish/brown colour with a slightly acidic odour and a boiling point of 105 -110°C.

This product is available in the following sizes

  • 25L Drum
  • 200L Drum
  • 1000L Container
  • Bulk Transfer


Metal Processing

Used by knife craftsmen and sword smiths to stain blades, as to give a contrasting effect to the metal, and to view metal layering or imperfections.

Used to test the pitting and crevice corrosion resistance of stainless steels and other alloys.


Necessary for the etching of photogravure plates for printing photographic and fine art images in intaglio


Used to make printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Water Treatment

Sewage Treatment
Drinking Water production

Used in water and wastewater treatment to precipitate phosphate

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