Airsurf SS28 contains C12-C15 fatty alcohol ethoxylated with 3 moles of Ethylene Oxide (EO)

Airsurf SS28 is a Sodium lauryl ether sulfate based on synthetic C12-C15 fatty alcohol ethoxylated with an average of 3 moles of EO and is Preservative-free.

An anionic surfactant used as an ingredient in the production of detergents including laundry, cleaning detergents, cosmetics and toiletry care products. Apart from excellent detergency, wetting and emulsification properties Airsurf SS28 imparts a substantial stable foam

Airsurf SS28 is a liquid at room temperature

Activity – 26%

This product is available in the following sizes

  • 25L Drum
  • 200L Drum
  • 1000L Container
  • Bulk Transfer


Detergent & Cleaning

All purpose cleaners
Industrial and Institutional cleaners
Water based Degreasers

Personal Care

Body washes
Hand washes


Vehicle Cleaning products

Oil & Gas

Oil field applications

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