Airsurf ES28 is a 28% active sodium lauryl ether sulphate based on the C12-C14 natural alcohol plus 2 moles of Ethylene Oxide (EO).

It is an anionic surfactant providing excellent foam even in hard water areas. The low skin irritation properties making it suitable for mild cleansing as well as baby products. Airsurf ES 28 contains no preservative but is self- preserving due to the higher pH, which allows the formulator flexibility when choosing a preservative for their finished formulation.

Airsurf ES28 dissolves readily in hard and soft water and provides a consistent foam character.

Appearance: Airsurf ES28 is a pale yellow to clear solution in appearance

Active level: 28%

This product is available in the following sizes

  • 25L Drum
  • 200L Drum
  • 1000L Container
  • Bulk Transfer


Personal Care

Used in wetting agent formulations and shampoos

Detergent & Cleaning

Household cleaners, liquid detergents and laundry detergents.

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