Airsurf 911-6 (916)

Airsurf 911-6 is a 100% C9-11 Alcohol Ethoxylate with 6 Moles Ethylene Oxide (EO).

Airsurf 911-6 is a Fatty alcohol ethoxylate, based on a synthetic alcohol with a branched C-Chain. It is an effective oil/water emulsifier and wetting agent. Widely used for cleaning and detergent products as it is effective at fat dispersing and degreasing, hence you will find it in a wide variety of household and I&I products. Due to its excellent wetting and emulsification It is also used in paints and coatings, metal cleaners, car wash products, plastics additives, textile and leather processing, pulp and paper processing, agricultural adjuvants and circuit board cleaners.

Appearance – Liquid at room temperature

Active level – 100% active


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Automotive Automotive

Airedale Chemical manufactures and distributes a variety of speciality chemical solutions within our own Automotive product range. Our Automotive chemical solutions include Traffic Film Removers, Shampoos, Wheel Care, Polishes, Glass Cleaning and Air Fresheners.

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