Airpol AOE30

Airpol AOE30 is an oil based anionic polymer with an active content of 30, making it one of the weaker polymers in the range. Its primary applications include treatment of industrial waste water and it can also be used within a food environment

Airpol AOE30 works by joining small particles of waste together which presents as a layer of sludge on water. This can then be removed which means the water that remains is cleaner and can be recycled more easily.

Charge: High


Strength: 45%

This product is available in the following sizes

  • 1000L Container


Water Treatment

Used as a flocculent in industrial waste water treatment processes

Food & Beverage

Used in food waste water processes, assisting in the removal of fats and oils

Dairy & Farming

Ideal at removing milk or other agricultural waste found in effluent treatments

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