Airophos K21P

Airedale Chemical Airophos K21P is a Potassium Polyphosphate based solution that can be used in applications where properties of dispersion, sequestration and buffering are required.

It can be used alone at high concentration or formulated with other products. It is fully miscible with water. Where other components are used, as when formulating detergents the more soluble potassium based products like Airophos K21P is usually preferred. Airophos K21P works by softening protein on the surface making it easier to clean and remove. It is a clear, colourless Potassium Polyphosphate based solution


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Detergent & Cleaning Detergent & Cleaning

Various detergent applications across the industry including cleaning within food manufacturing environments, cleaning and preparation of vessels within the industry and cleaning down of pipe-work within the industry

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