Product Focus 1: Antifoams – A chemical for consistency

Welcome to Product Focus, the ideal place to come and discover more about how chemicals are used in every day products. In this edition of PF we drill down into the world of Antifoams – coming in all different shapes and sizes and for all different types of market, what is clear is that Antifoams are an incredibly important component in many common manufacturing processes.


All processes that involve solutions being transferred through a system face a common problem; this common issue can be the difference between production efficiency and production inefficiency, in some industries costing businesses millions of pounds.

When liquids are transferred in production/filling the change in pressure by this action creates excess air within the body of the solution. This trapped air then naturally works its way to the surface, creating bubbles and adversely a foaming effect. This foaming effect can then have negative effects on the process such as inaccurate or inefficient production.

Antifoams do come in all different shapes and sizes – they can be oil, silicone, water or hydrocarbon based all aimed at working within different environments towards the same result.

By adding an antifoam to a solution the surface tension can be reduced making a clear boundary between the liquid and trapped air. Contaminants collect on the surface of the liquid making it easier to separate from the solution. The additive is used to prevent formation of foam or is added to break a foam already formed.


How are do Antifoams help manufacturing today?

Antifoams fall into all manner of industry including:

  • Cleaning Chemical Manufacture – Anti-foams are added to certain types of detergents to reduce foaming that might decrease the action of the detergent.
  • Food Manufacturing – When used as an ingredient in food, antifoaming agents are intended to curb effusion or effervescence in preparation or serving.
  • Industrial use – Antifoams are used in many industrial processes and products: wood pulp, paper, paint, industrial wastewater treatment, food processing, oil drilling, machine tool industry, oils cutting tools, hydraulics
  • Pharmaceutical – Antifoaming agents are also sold commercially to relieve bloating.


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