Require a distribution partner? With our extensive in-house sales and marketing resources we hold the expertise to deliver your products to market. By choosing Airedale Chemical as your chemical distributor, you partner with one of the UK’s leading chemical distribution companies with substantial expertise in strategy and delivery.

We provide you access to our experienced marketing team who will strategize your distribution campaign from start to finish

  • Our Marketing teams provide extensive analysis of your specific market including trends and application focusses
  • Providing you access to a variety of online and offline marketing activities aimed at driving new business conversions
  • Working with you to deliver a product strategy that benefits your selected country and/or industry
  • Development of bespoke sales literature to support your dedicated campaign

Our extensive. dedicated sales team will act as official representatives for your distribution campaign delivering in line with your sales expectations

  • Our highly reactive sales team can act quickly to deliver your product campaign to market across multiple countries
  • You have direct access to dedicated representatives with expert market knowledge delivering added value to your offering
  • We have an adaptable approach, working in line with your key sales expectations

If you are interested in working with one of the leading chemical distribution companies, contact Airedale Chemical and we will make arrangements for us to become your dedicated chemical distributors.