Paper & Wastewater Industries driving growth in Hydrogen Peroxide Market

Paper Industry

A recent industry analysis report forecasting market growth in the global Hydrogen Peroxide market predicts that rising demand from the Paper and Pulp and Wastewater Management industries will continue to drive market growth.

In 2014, over 40% of the market demand for Hydrogen Peroxide derived from the Paper and Pulp market where it is used as a bleaching agent for publications and paper-based products that require a brighter finish such as magazines. It is anticipated that growth in this industry will lead to the mirroring of growth from the hydrogen peroxide market.

In the Wastewater Industry hydrogen peroxide is an effective oxidising agent that is used to control sulphide and organic-related odours in wastewater collection and treatment systems and has been used widely to reduce the BOD and COD of wastewaters. Stricter regulations on the usage of chlorine-based chemicals has led to the wider use of hydrogen peroxide as an alternative. This is particularly prevalent with the identification of Peracetic Acid as an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine. As the number of applications for the chemical in the industry increase this is anticipated to be a key driver of growth and the wastewater industry is expected to populate a greater proportion of the global hydrogen peroxide market moving forward.

The global hydrogen peroxide market was valued at around £2.43bn in 2014 is forecasted to post a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.60% rising to £3.95bn by 2023.

About Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a colourless, viscous and versatile chemical that is used extensively in a wide range of industries but its most common applications are as an oxidising agent, a disinfectant and as a bleaching agent. Find out more about Hydrogen Peroxide here or in our engaging infographic.

Airedale Chemical are specialists in the manufacture and distribution of Hydrogen Peroxide. We have extensive experience fulfilling enquiries for a number of markets including agrochemical, detergent, water treatment, paper and pulp.



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