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Spotlight On Surfactants

8th August 2017

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Playing a part in household cleaners, car care and body care products, surfactants are the go-to compound required to remove grease, oils and dirt.

Often referred to as wetting agents, emulsifiers or simply soap, the basic function of a surfactant is to remove dirt from the surface of the object being cleaned.

We are seeing a significant shift towards surfactants and Airedale Chemical is making the most of changing attitudes by expanding into the soaring synthetic surfactant market.

Palm and coconut oil can be found in just about every part of our lives, from pizza to personal care products – it is estimated to be in around half of all products we buy from supermarkets.

But over the years it has become clear that use of this natural resource has been damaging the environment and is highly unreliable.

The deforestation and other environmental factors associated with harvesting palm and coconut oil is now a major concern. Add this to the unpredictable yield leading to fluctuating prices and it’s clear to see why so many industries have been looking into sustainable alternatives or revisiting synthetic derived alternatives.

Here at Airedale Chemical we’ve been developing a range of surfactants which offer the formulator and purchaser greater flexibility. The range of dilutions make storage and handling easier, avoiding the challenges associated with solidification that occurs in cold conditions.

The newest additions to our surfactant family – Airsurf SS28 and SS70 – are specifically formulated as an alternative to surfactants made from natural sources such as palm and coconut oil, providing a cost-effective and reliable supply. Our extensive Airsurf range has applications in home, industrial and institutional cleaning, personal care, agrochemical, oil and gas and textiles.

We believe the potential in the surfactants market is so great we have invested significantly in our storage facilities and taken on a market manager dedicated soley to developing our presence in this field. We’re also working closely with customers to create bespoke formulas for use in their own products, increasing efficacy and reducing costs.

From metal working fluids to bathroom cleaners, surfactants are everywhere – and they’re here to stay! At Airedale Chemical we’re filling that potential and helping customers increase productivity through innovation and investment.

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