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4th June 2018

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Established in 1973 Airedale Chemical; has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals to businesses in the UK and across Europe.

With a range of hundreds of chemical solutions, Airedale are the preferred partner of choice for many international businesses.

With onsite laboratories and chemical storage, they supply solid and liquid solutions in the following quantities:

To ensure the safe delivery of each solution Airedale have a dedicated distribution fleet of over 20 trucks so whether your business is in Vienna, Salzburg or anywhere in between you can be confident your chemicals will arrive securely and on time.

Peracetic Acid

With Austria having the 5th highest demand of any country in the world for peracetic acid in 2018 it is not only one of the most popular chemicals within the Airedale range but within most of the chemical industry.

PAA is a highly flexible chemical used in a variety of different industries from cleaning to food production, below are just a few applications for peracetic acid:

Airedale is BPR approved biocidal disinfectant under article 95. This means the quality of the solution is guaranteed. Peracetic acid is available in drums, containers and bulk quantities.

Airquest C

Manufactured by experts in the Airedale laboratories Airquest C is a solution designed as an Nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) replacement. The primary use of Airquest C is to reduce the effects of calcium and magnesium irons in hard water. These qualities mean that it is commonly used in the following industiries:

As well as reducing irons in hard water the Airquest C solution is an inhibitor of calcium carbonate and barium sulphate above pH7 levels.

If your business used to use NTA and is looking for an alternative or if it still uses NTA then Airquest C could be the perfect solution for you.

For more information on how Airedale Chemical can become your chemical partner get in touch with an expert today, and let Airedale take the responsibility for your chemical needs.

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