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How Airedale Helps the Automotive Industry

22nd November 2017

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Chemicals are used across all industries in one way or another and the automotive industry is no different. In fact, the automotive industry uses chemicals more than most, from car part production to car care. This article is going to take a look through the automotive industry and explains just how many chemicals are used and how Airedale can help.

Below are just a selection of chemicals used within each stage of the automotive industry

Car Part Production

Car Manufacturing

Car Care

Airedale’s Automotive Chemicals

Because of the importance of chemicals within the automotive industry we have created an extensive range from alloy wheel cleaners to ones that help lower CO2 emissions in diesel engines.

Most of our automotive solutions are for use in car care but there are several that are used within the manufacturing process.

Air Blue 100

During the manufacturing process, there are several uses for chemicals one of which is within fuel. A specifically supplied chemical labelled “Air Blue 100” is just that, used as a consumable in selective catalytic reduction, reducing NOx concentration within diesel exhaust emissions.

Machinery Cleaning Solutions

It is crucial within the automotive manufacturing industry to ensure that the machinery making the components, and putting them together, are maintained regularly which includes ensuring they are clean and running efficiently.

Solutions which combine cleaning with other functions such as degreasing and descaling ensure that the machines are not only clean but working smoothly after.  For example the Airedale degreasing fluid which is suitable for cleaning engines and metal parts within most machinery.

Vehicle Maintenance Chemicals

Chemicals are used all the time for general maintenance of vehicles, from screenwashes and de-icers, to maintenance fluids.

Maintenance fluid

Maintenance fluids are used by consumers all the time but they don’t know that they are made up from raw materials supplied by Airedale Chemical. A maintenance fluid is an efficient, silicone free, lubricant, penetrant, and water displacer, which leaves a protective film to help guard against moisture and corrosion within vehicle ignition systems, locks and hinges.

Car Care Solutions

The largest category within the automotive industry for chemical solutions is in the cleaning and car care market. Cleaning and detergent companies use a wide variety of chemicals within their products in an attempt to create the best products on the market. At Airedale we provide some of the largest manufacturers of these products with both individual chemicals and completed solutions.

At Airedale Chemical, we have over 35 solutions that are used within interior and exterior automotive cleaning and paint restoration products.

With the automotive industry one in which chemicals are used from start to finish it is important that suppliers ensure they have a wide array of solutions available

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