Airedale Chemical

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Airfoam NSA Antifoam
Akasil® Antifoam 3107
Akasil® Antifoam FD 10
Akasil® Antifoam FD 20
Akasil® Antifoam FD 30
Akasil® Antifoam SRE
Akasil® Antifoam TG 10
Akasil® Antifoam TG 20
Akasil® Antifoam TG 30





Airpol AOE10 polymer
Airpol AOE30 polymer
Airpol AWE10 polymer
Airpol AWE30 polymer
Airpol COE35 polymer
Airpol COE65 polymer
Airpol COEX65 polymer
Airpol COEX85 polymer
Airpol CW823 polymer
Airpol CWE35 polymer



Commodity Chemicals

Fluorosilicic Acid




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