New Product Alert: Tri Sodium Citrate

We are delighted to announce Airedale Chemical as an official distributer of Tri Sodium Citrate, a chemical with an array of applications in detergent manufacture and food/beverages.

Tri Sodium Citrate holds three main functions – a buffer, sequestrant and emulsion stabilizer with primary applications across a variety of detergent and food/drink uses.

It is the ideal food additive partner that provides excellent flavouring and preservative properties in food production. You would find Tri Sodium Citrate in foods including ice cream, jams, sweets and processed cheese and in beverages such as soft drinks and drink mixes.

In detergent manufacturing Tri Sodium Citrate is an excellent sequestering agent – when it attaches to calcium ions in water it stops lime scale interfering with soaps and detergents. It also holds key applications in specific areas such as Dish washing, industrial cleaners, laundry care and surface care detergents.

If you would like further information, MSDS or a quote on Tri Sodium Citrate please contact a member of our sales team today on 01535 637876 or alternatively email


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