New Product Alert – Phosphorous Acid

Phosphorous Acid

Airedale Chemical are proud to announce yet another new edition to its every growing chemical range with the introduction of Phosphorous Acid – Available for quoting today.

Want to know more about this new product? 


What does it look like?

Airedale Chemical Phosphorous Acid is available in both solid and solution form. In solid form Phosphorous Acid is a white crystal with a distinctive odour. As a solution it is a clear to colourless liquid with a distinctive odour.


What is it used for?

Airedale Chemical Phosphorous Acid has a variety of uses within varying industries/applications include:

  • Used in the production of Phosphonates which are used in water treatment.
  • Agrochemical usage – Phosphorous Acid is used for preparing Phosphite salts, such as Potassium Phosphite these have shown effectiveness in controlling a variety of microbial plant diseases
  • Used in chemical reactions as a reducing agent that is somewhat less vigorous than the related Hypophosphorous Acid


If you would like a quote for Phosphorous Acid today – Please contact our sales team on 01535 637876 or email


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