MP has right Reaction to Airedale Chemical

Thank you to MP Julian Smith who visited our chemical production site Friday 23rd Oct after news of the companies recent Green Apple Award win.

Mr Smith described Airedale Chemical as ‘an impressive local company, which after three generations, has adapted and set its sights on an international market while keeping true to its local roots,” Greeted by Directors Chris Chadwick, Dan Fox and Craig Thomson, Julian was explained about Airedales rich history in chemicals, how diversification has been key to the companies growth and importantly how retaining core family values are really at the heart of Airedales success.

Chris Chadwick, Sales Director of Airedale Chemical, explained: “It has been fantastic to tell Mr Smith the story behind the scenes of the business. It may be a surprise to the town that we have such a rich industrial history and as part on our commitment to community relations we want to improve our links with the town we operate and employ from.

“We have been a local employer for over 40 years and now is the right time to show the community that we have a business for the town to be proud of.”

Airedale Chemical are delighted to announce it has various community led initiatives planned going forward and that connecting and communicating with the surrounding region is key.



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