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Learn about how we work at Airedale Chemical as we provide a closer look at some of our on site processes

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From our 46 year history in the chemical industry to the four core values that underpin everything we do as a business, our brand video explores what sets us apart.

Small Pack Chemical Filling

After identifying a gap in the market for industrial chemicals in smaller pack sizes, we now offer a small pack chemical filling service into 1,5 and 25 litre solutions.

Bottles go through five stages to prepare them for sale.

  1. Filling
  2. Capping
  3. Sauven code added (date of manufacture)
  4. Labelling
  5. Packaging

The line has the capacity to fill approximately 2.4 million units every year.

IBC Washout

When Intermediate Bulk Containers are returned to our site they are rigorously checked to identify that they are suitable for re-use. The washing of the packaging extends their shelf life and also significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste produced on site.

All packaging is placed in our onsite wash station where all labels are first removed. They are then put through a 2 – 5 minute wash cycle. The length of the wash cycle is dependent on the product that has previously been housed in the IBC.

Once washed the packaging is stored on site, ready to be re-filled and re-used for product orders

Quality Control Testing

Post production and before our products are approved for delivery, they are subject to a series of rigorous quality control checks. Our chemists carry out a wide range of tests to ensure the product is in line with the specification.

Our QC technicians test properties including pH value, specific gravity and refractive index. The results of the tests are recorded and the product is passed for delivery.

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