Introducing glow®

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our sister companies new brand glow®, developed and manufactured entirely in-house by our expert team of glow® technicians.

Discover more about this exciting new solution brand that brightens up all areas of the home, car and garden


glow® from Airedale Solutions offers you a solution for your home with glow® household – This fresh new cleaning range brings a sparkle to all areas of the domestic environment. Within our household range you can purchase products including our multi-purpose, bathroom and all purposes cleaners amongst others.

glow® carcare is our highly effective car valeting range that has been developed solely with our customers needs in mind. Whether you have a need to clean your car windows, blacken your tyres or clean the car upholstery, glow® carcare provides the right solution for you.

We are constantly developing new areas to this exciting brand and are busily working on 2 new product areas to as we speak – glow® Garden and glow® DIY. Our highly qualified glow® techys ambition is to provide you the consumer with a cleaning or maintenance solution for every area of their domestic life….so keep checking, new products will be available very soon.

You can discover more on all our glow® products by viewing our brand new website – simply click here to learn more about ths exciting new brand.



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