Inspiring scientists of the future

Airedale Chemical, is celebrating 25 years based in Cross Hills with the launch of a new partnership with one of its local primary schools.

Pupils from Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School will have their science lessons brought to life with a day of experiments at the company which employs 135 people, around 70% of which are from the local area.

Laboratory technician, Madeleine Lofthouse, kicked off the partnership with a visit to year four pupils who are currently studying ‘living things’ as part of the national science curriculum. Madeleine explained how she began a career in science, took questions from the youngsters about what it is like working in chemistry and encouraged pupils to consider following STEM subjects later in their academic life.

Mr Horton, year four teacher and head of STEM subjects at Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School, said: “It is fantastic for the children to hear first-hand about what it is really like to work in a science-related career.

“The pupils were fascinated by how chemicals are used in everyday life and they were full of questions for Madeleine.”

Pupils will now take part in a day trip to the Airedale Chemical site where the team of chemists will oversee a series of experiments including growing their own crystals and a ‘blubber test’ to demonstrate how animals keep warm.

Head of marketing at Airedale Chemical, Daniel Marr added, “We’ve been operating in Cross Hills for a quarter of a century and thought this would be the perfect way to celebrate the relationship we are building with our communities.

“We have some fantastic facilities here at the site and a team of experts with decades of experience between them so it’s great to be able to share that with children from the area and hopefully inspire the next generation of chemists.”

Airedale Chemical expanded to its Cross Hills site in 1992 under the late chairman and founder Mr Brian Chadwick to accommodate the growing demand from its textiles customers, to whom it supplied dyes as well as a growing portfolio of industrial chemicals.

Today it it is recognised as one of the fastest growing chemical manufacturers and supplies industries including food and drink, manufacturing, brewing, agriculture, dairy and water treatment.


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