Innovative new addition to our fleet

Welcome to our newest edition to our transport fleet (and final piece to the jigsaw), our Iveco Daily 7.2t van with its innovative and entirely bespoke trailer unit.


Developed with the intention of being able to carry an increased payload to our existing vehicle, the Iveco Daily is able to facilitate payloads of up to 3.7 tonne. Fitted with a compressor it is now able to deliver blow over IBC’s as well as standard IBC and palleted goods with its now far greater payload ability.

Graham Bird, Airedale Chemical Transport Manager commented ‘with the addition of the trailer unit it provides us with far greater scope on customer deliveries. Not only can we now deliver more physical goods than before in one single run, but by carrying a much greater pay load it alleviates having to return to our base as we have had to do with the previous vehicle’.

Graham added. ‘Further to that, the Iveco vehicle has been fitted with a heated sleeper pod to allow the driver to travel overnight on longer, far reaching deliveries if required’.




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