Airedale Chemical

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Airedale Chemical is able to supply over 200 chemical solutions to a number of industrial sectors

Airedale Chemical was established in 1973, with founder, Brian Chadwick operating as a dye trader. Over the following years the business gradually expanded, moving into chemical trading in 1997.

Our sales team delivers an entirely relationship driven customer experience, focusing on personalised account management. This is supported by our operations team, who process orders and our extensive fleet which allows us to provide quicker distribution. We also stock products on site which allows us to service orders quicker.

Airedale Chemical is now able to supply over 200 chemical solutions within the following categories:

These products are also categorised according to their application, and we aim to service seven industrial sectors. These include;

Agrochemical – From pesticides to fertilisers, key products that service this sector include Mono Potassium Phosphate and Manganese Nitrate.

Cleaning & Detergents – We supply a large range of surfactants and other products suitable for use in both household and industrial cleaning.

Textile – Airedale Chemical has over 45 years’ experience of supplying products to the textile market.

Water Treatment – Products include Airpol polymers, Akasil antifoams and biocides.

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