Airedale Chemical

Chemical Manufacturers

Our chemical production facility, based in Cross Hills, North Yorkshire, manufactures and distributes over 80,000 tonnes of product every year.

Facilities onsite include multiple stainless mixing vessels and plastic-lined reactor vessels, 15 bulk storage containers, dye mixing facilities, an effluent treatment plant and a small pack chemical filling line.

Airedale Chemical also provides an extensive and experienced contract manufacturing service allowing our customers to utilise our development and production services in the manufacture of IP sensitive or own formulated chemical solutions. Our contract manufacturing service is managed under strict confidentiality agreements to ensure our customer’s information remains protected.

We manufacture and distribute chemical solutions and powders in line with ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality standards. We also have REACH in place across various reacted substances. Following confirmation of our place on the EU Biocides Products Regulation (BPR), we are the sole UK-based chemical manufacturer of Peracetic Acid, one of the fastest-growing biocidal disinfectants globally.

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