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Types of Surfactants – Amphoteric Surfactants

Amphoteric surfactants

Amphoteric surfactants are unlike other surfactants as they simultaneously carry anionic and cationic properties making them useful in personal cleaning products such as bubble baths, shower gels and shampoos.


Types of Surfactants – Non-ionic Surfactants

non-ionic Surfactants

Nonionic surfactants like most surfactants are often found in cleaning products and detergents. As the name states unlike other surfactants non-ionic surfactants have no charge which means they are more…


Types of Surfactants – Cationic Surfactants

Cationic Surfactants

Surfactants, which is short for surface active agents are widely used in the detergent, automotive and textile industries. Cationic surfactants are one of the most popular forms of surfactants that…


Types of Surfactants

Types of Surfactant Bottles

Surfactants by definition are active on surfaces or interfaces and able to modify their properties. An interface is the junction between two incompatible phases usually, liquid, solid or gas. Surfactants…


Acetic acid – the smell of success

From cleaning windows to preserving Lenin’s body, acetic acid has well-earned its label as a multi-purpose chemical. In this feature of Product Focus we examine the versatility of acetic acid and…


Contract Manufacturing Infographic

Explore our Contract Manufacturing Infographic where we discuss what makes us the perfect partner of choice for chemical contract manufacturing. Find out more about what makes our service unique as…


Trisodium Citrate Infographic

Trisodium Citrate, known as the “Sour Salt”,  is used widely in the Food & Beverage industry being added to many of your favourite food and drinks due to its flavouring…


Anti-Freeze Infographic

As the cold begins to set in, discover more about chemicals which play a prominent role in your commute to work! Anti-Freeze by Airedale Chemical depresses the freezing-point of water…


Airophos – The Builder

Discover more about Airophos by Airedale Chemical, a ‘builder’ phosphate range that improves the operating efficiency of other more expensive chemicals so less of those are needed in this attractive…


Hydrogen Peroxide Infographic

Our latest infographic explores the chemical Hydrogen Peroxide. You may know Hydrogen Peroxide best for its role in teeth whitening and hair bleaching but the chemical plays a key role…


Acetic Acid Infographic

Discover the properties and applications of Acetic Acid on our infographic. Featuring the chemical formula, manufacturing process, market share, key uses, dilute and glacial Acetic Acid information, this bright and…


SLES Infographic

sles infographic

Discover SLES, also known as Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate in our latest infographic. Featuring the chemical formula for SLES, key features and usage statistics, our SLES infographic provides a fun…


Peracetic Acid Infographic

Learn more about Peracetic Acid in our new infographic and discover new applications, product features and benefits that come with this highly versatile alternative to Sodium Hypochlorite.