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Supplying over 200 different chemicals within the following categories

Commodity Chemicals

From water treatment to detergents and wood treatment to agrochemical solutions our commodity chemicals are manufactured and supplied to businesses across the UK, Ireland and Europe.


Our antifoams consist of a concise range of silicone and non-silicone antifoams; ideal for use in detergency, food production and other applications.


As the only UK manufacturer of one of the fastest growing biocidal disinfectants, Airedale Chemical has worked tirelessly to develop a product that can offer itself as an alternative to many current commodity chemicals.

Textile Dyes

Since 1973 we have provided textile dyestuff chemicals to businesses across the globe, which has allowed us to develop an extensive range of products to cater for all your requirements.

Textile Auxiliaries

Airedale have an illustrious history as suppliers of textile auxiliary chemicals providing solutions that are used in dyeing carpet yarn and leading the market in future development.


Airpol polymers are our unique range of oil and water based polymers used as flocculents in industrial waste water treatment processes for the removal of fats and oils.


Our range of surfactants including our Airsurf range which is developed in house are ideal for use in detergents, auto care and other cleaning solutions.


Our dedicated teams allow us to be an industry leader in phosphate manufacturing providing a range of phosphates for use in a variety of industries and for many applications.


Airedale Chemical manufactures and distributes a variety of phosphonates for use in detergent manufacture, paints & coatings, metal polishes, flame retardants, processed foods, personal care products and pharmaceutical products.


Our concise range of alcohols are ideal for use in applications that required microorganism control

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