Airedale pioneers ‘Zero to Landfill’ campaign

Airedale Chemical are delighted to announce it has recently initiated a recycling development which now sees it deliver ‘zero to landfill’ on general waste.

The first green move was to invest £3,700 in a baling machine which crushes down waste and packages it for easier collection and transportation by our designated recycling company.

Our ‘Zero to Landfill’ campaign is the brainchild of Airedale Chemical health and safety advisor, Karen Waddington, who joined the growing team in November 2014.

“When carrying out my health and safety analysis across the site, I could see we had a few gaps in our recycling procedures. Card and polybags were being recycled, however everything else was being sent to a landfill so I researched alternative methods,” said Karen.

Airedale Chemical has partnered with Bradford recycling firm BW Recycling Ltd to collect baled waste and take it for recycling. For every bale of waste, the company will receive a recycling rebate from BW Recycling Ltd.

“As well as helping the environment, recycling all of our waste also brings financial benefits to Airedale Chemical. Baling our waste means we can receive an increase of 40% rebate on one tonne of recycled waste as opposed to non-baled packaging. In less than a month, we have been able to recycle 2 tonnes of waste and I expect to recoup the cost of the baling machine within 10 months. With such a return on investment, we can continue growing our green initiative,” said Karen.

“The government is looking into legislations which require all companies to have zero waste so we’re incredibly proud that we’re taking these crucial first steps at Airedale Chemical,” added Karen.

To support the campaign, Karen has provided her colleagues with a Waste Management Policy to ensure everyone is aware of what is defined as waste and their individual and team roles to ensure its success.

“We expect the campaign to grow organically and will be looking at ways to recycle hard plastics and metals onsite. Waste water is already re-used in the effluent treatment plant so we’re determined to continue maintaining our ‘Zero to Landfill’ status,” added Karen.

Airedale Chemical is developing its green initiatives in order to continue its work as an environmentally conscious chemical manufacturer.

For any information on our other environmental initiatives as a green thinking chemical manufacturer please contact our Marketing Department on


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