Airedale introduce Airpol – Our new range of polymers

We would like to introduce a new product range to our portfolio

Airpol is our new range of polymers made up of ten product solutions.

Airpol is used as a flocculent in industrial waste water treatment processes, they are ideal for use in food waste water processes and assist in the removal of fats and oils.

How do they work?

Polymers work by joining small particles of waste together which presents as a layer of sludge on water. This can then be removed which means the water that remains is cleaner and can be recycled more easily.

How do they differ?

The range is made up of a mixture of anionic, cationic and cationic cross-link polymers. Anionic polymers are positively charged and are often used on dissolved air flotation (DAF) units for primary treatment. Cationic polymers are suitable for use on DAF units for ready meals and cooking processes where there are a lot of fats and oils in the wastewater. Cross linked cationic polymers are normally used for sludge dewatering applications and work more effectively at lower dilutions.

Why have we introduced Airpol?

We have introduced this range of polymers because we believe they complement our extensive customer base within the food market. The food industry was valued at £104bn in 2018, accounting for 19% of UK manufacturing. This clearly demonstrates the strength of the market and we hope that these new products will add value to our current product offering.

Please follow the link below to find out more about the individual products in the range. Alternatively, contact a member of our sales team on 01535 637876 or email for more information.


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