Only British Peracetic Acid Producer included under Article 95

Airedale Chemical is delighted to announce it has been officially included on the list of active substances and suppliers under article 95 for Peracetic Acid.

Following confirmation of our place on the EU Biocides Products Regulation (BPR), Airedale Chemical has cemented its position as one of the country’s leading chemical companies by becoming the sole British-based manufacturer directly approved for the production of Peracetic Acid.

Peracetic acid plays an essential role in routine disinfection for circulation cleaning and industrial sanitisation across an extensive range of applications including dairy, recycling and waste management, food and drink production, slaughterhouses and breweries.

Chris Chadwick, managing director of Airedale Chemical, who has been integral in the bid for registration, said the company is delighted to be the only UK manufacturer directly approved by ECHA. “Securing Airedale Chemical’s registration has been a lengthy process but incredibly worthwhile as the purpose of the Europe-wide regulation is to ensure the greatest protection of people and the environment from the use of biocides – and to improve how the biocidal market operates within the EU.”. He added: “This approval demonstrates how our company and our family of peracetic acid products meet the stringent requirements set by the governing body.

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