Airedale Enter Global Ranking List

The annual ICIS Chemical Distributor list is a long running and prestigious table to be a part of. This year Airedale Chemical made their first foray into the established listing.


The list comprises of the top 200 Chemical Distributors from all corners of the globe, from over 170 countries, showcasing the publications huge muti-national coverage. Airedale Chemical proudly entered the table at 148 in the world, a hugely impressive feat and one that will only continue to improve given the huge growth plans in place at Airedale Chemical over the next few years.

In terms of UK independent Chemical Distributors only – Airedale Chemical are positioned an even more impressive 7th – A ranking that solidifies our strong philosophy that excellence in customer service should be a defining feature within the chemical industry and one we will continue to be massively passionate in.

If you would like to read the full listing for yourself you can view it on the ICIS website by following this link



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