To demonstrate our commitment Airedale Chemical Holdings Group are now members of the United Nations Global Compact for Sustainable Development. Since joining we have launched the Airedale Foundation acting as our business divisions overall commitment to corporate social responsibility. The Airedale Foundation encompasses a variety of support strategy which includes:

  • Sustainability
  • Human rights
  • Workplace climate
  • Child labour
  • Community engagement
  • Charitable projects

Please read our CSR Policy by clicking this link

Community is at the heart of Airedale Chemical; our passion is to stay connected with our local residents, businesses and councils working with them for one common goal. in 2015 we launched our Community Connected Newsletter developed specifically for our surrounding  communities providing residents with up to date news about business, possible changes to the site ultimately providing them with a sense of inclusion to what is a business in the heart of a close knit community.

You can view all our issues here:
Community Connected Issue 1
Community Connected Issue 2
Community Connected Issue 3
Community Connected Issue 4

See some of our fantastic work in the below gallery or alternatively you can read our CSR Policy by clicking this link